"Thanks so much for taking good care of 'Lissy'. She arrived safely in Houston and I was surprised at just how good she looked!

There are some other riders looking to import horses at our barn and I'd highly recommend Rigbie Farm should the horses need to be quarantined."

"Thank you! He looks wonderful. You do such a great job."

"Thank you for your great care of our horses. This is Tucker in Action in Spain. He edged up 4th individually and the team received a silver."
-Judy, Cedar Lane Farm

"I wanted to thank you and everyone at Rigbie Farm for all the wonderful care you gave to Tulip while she was in quarantine. She is settling in quite well in North Carolina and I truly believe it is due in part ot her relaxing stay at your farm. Thanks again for making this process SO easy."
-Mary Luczak

"Thank you so much for taking such good care of the Euro Girls! They looked great and are settled in here. All the best 'til next time."
-Applegarth Farm

"Thanks to you and your staff at Rigbie Farm, Landon arrived in great shape and good spirits. I very much appreciate the great care he received during his stay there and your willingness to keep me informed as to his well-being. I will recommend your facility to others. Landon continues to be a gentleman and is wonderful to ride."
-Betsy Rebar Sell

"It was reassuring as usual to know that 'Sonora' was with you for her quarantine. I am superstitious about them going any place else! "
-Stoneleigh Farm

"I currently have two mares at Rigbie Farm in quarantine. Wow, what a nice facility! More importantly I want you to know how nice the thoughtful Sharon and Liz are. I took a short visit last week to see my horses and speak with Sharon and Liz. They were even nicer in person. As a matter of fact my farrier went there 2 days ago and kept going on about how nice they were to him, and he NEVER makes compliments like that to me. I was almost in shock.

You should count your blessings for having such a professional group that are as nice as they are. I have already told others about the facility and I can't wait to pick my horses up on Monday. I am sure they will look great after being there and using the equi-ciser. Thanks a million!"
-Christopher M Wherley

"Le Bono was in quarantine for a month because he's a stallion. We paid for him to be ridden while he was at Rigbie Farm and he looked great when we got him. He looked perfect. "
-Danielle Torano

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