CEM Quarantine

For over 29 years, we have provided CEM services to stallions and mares alike.  You can rest assured that your recent purchase or your show horse or pet transitioning back to the US will receive the attention they deserve after a long journey.  Rigbie Farm is the preferred address for your horse undergoing import testing.  Spacious comfort in our large, airy box stalls, deep bedded in beautiful straw, is waiting for your horse. Daily exercise is included.  Call us today to discuss our program and any special needs for your horse.



Sports Medicine injuries happen.  We rehab horses from all disciplines - whether you have a grand prix show jumper or dressage horse, a foxhunter or a racehorse requiring rest, relaxation or treatment for specific medical conditions - we have the knowledge and experience to bring them back to health.  We work with your veterinarian to implement the treatment program designed to return your horse to you - fit and ready to ride.


Our close proximity to the University of Pennsylvania's equine hospital, the world-renowned New Bolton Center,  gives us access to cutting edge veterinary medicine and clinicians as well as 24/7 emergency care.


Our six-horse exerciser is another tool used in rehabilitation and is a safe way to keep our quarantine horses in light work while in isolation. Horses undergoing "rehab" can benefit from the extended periods of walking they can receive on the machine: something difficult for a person to manage on foot. Likewise, as they progress to trotting, the machine allows the horse to receive the exercise without having to negotiate the added weight and balance of the rider.

Mare Care & Foaling

We specialize in all aspects of mare care and foaling. CCTV monitoring in our Mare Care and Foaling Stable backs up our round-the-clock stewardship of your broodstock. Your horses are able to take advantage of our lush pastures and large spacious run-in sheds - the ideal situation for growing young horses.

We enjoy a close working relationship with New Bolton Center of the University of PA School of Veterinary Medicine, just a short ride north of here.


For further details on services Rigbie Farm provides, download any of our videos for a closer look at our facilities.

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