Commitment to Excellence

Welcome to Rigbie Farm! We are a multi-faceted equine care facility located on 326 acres in northern Harford County, Maryland - right in the middle of Maryland's finest horse country. We offer peerless care for horses requiring rehabilitation and re-conditioning care, breeding and reproductive services, and import and export quarantine.

Our services are delivered by a fully professional, meticulous staff whose dedication and wealth of experience will assure your animal of the finest care available. Whether it is recovering from a tendon injury, getting that difficult mare in foal, or trying to arrange delivery of your new purchase from Europe to the USA - the staff at Rigbie Farm has the knowledge and expertise to resolve these maddening issues. Our rigorous standards of care and treatment, our access to the world-class veterinary facilities of the University of Pennsylvania's New Bolton Center, and our immaculate facility will provide you with peace of mind that your animal is in the hands of devoted professionals.

Rigbie Farm's commitment to excellence in equine care is second to none.  There are simple reasons why - over the years - we've developed a strong following among professional and amateur equestrians alike.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide each horse with the highest level of care and provide superior management that supports a clean environment for health and growth.

Staff Bios

Sharon Clark

Sharon grew up in Maryland and developed a love of horses at an early age. She bought her first horse at the age of 10, putting up $40 and borrowing $110 from her uncle to complete the purchase. She joined the local Horse and Pony 4-H where she was an enthusiastic member. After high school, she got a job in a foxhunting stable with the late Mr.and Mrs. Dean Bedford. Later, she worked for the legendary Hirsch Jacobs, breaking yearlings and galloping racehorses.

Five years after graduating from high school, Sharon decided to put her horse career on hold. She began her college education - better late than never. Three years later, she graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in English. Sharon worked for several international companies in sales, advertising and public relations. She returned to the farm in the late 80's with the goal of developing the resources of Rigbie Farm into a viable business.

Today, Sharon oversees the 150 horses who reside at Rigbie year-round and the over 200 head that move through the farm's offered services. She brings a unique blend of hands-on experience and business skills to the daily operations at Rigbie Farm.

Liz Collard

Liz has been a hands-on horsewoman since childhood and manages the day-to-day operations of Rigbie Farm. A native of Rhayader, Wales, Liz has been at Rigbie since 1987 and has had a crucial role in bringing the farm to the success it enjoys today. She maintains the highest standards of horsemanship, providing our clients with excellent care for their horses. She is professional, thorough, and committed - demonstrating a passion for each and every horse under her care.

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